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All images and text © Adam Bell

Adam Bell is a photographer, writer, and educator. He received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2004, and his work has been exhibited and published internationally. He is the co-editor of both Vision Anew: The Lens and Screen Arts (2015) and The Education of a Photographer (2006), and his writing and reviews have appeared in numerous publications including Afterimage, The Art Book Review, FOAM Magazine, fototazo, Lay-Flat, Paper Journal, photo-eye, The Photobook Review, and The Brooklyn Rail. He is currently on staff and faculty at the MFA Photography, Video, and Related Media Department at the School of Visual Arts.   


2013 Coming Together: Surviving Sandy, Brooklyn, NY
2012 29x29 SVA/Center For Arts Education Benefit Portfolio, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NY, NY
2008 SPRAWL (Organized by the Jersey City Museum), Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ
  14th Annual Juried Exhibition (Curated by Katherine Ware), Griffin Museum, Winchester, MA
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2005 Art+Commerce 2005 Festival of Emerging Photographers, New York, NY
2004 AAF Contemporary Art Fair, New York, NY
Art+Commerce 2004 Festival of Emerging Photographers, New York, NY
The Look of Things: MFA Thesis Exhibition (Curated by Marvin Heiferman), School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
Shared Influence: Photography from 1993-2003, (Curated by Janine Foeller) Germantown Academy Art Center Gallery,
Ft. Washington, PA
2003 The Holiday Shopping Show, Part 2 (Curated by Robin Kahn), Wallspace, New York, NY
2002 ebauche et etude, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
1997 Recent Photographs (Two-Person Show), Germantown Academy Art Center Gallery, Ft. Washington, PA

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2016 Taylor Defoe, review of Vision Anew: The Lens and Screen Arts The Brooklyn Rail (Oct.)
2011 Social Media. Presented by Pace Gallery, Pace/MacGill Gallery and the MFA Photo, Video and Related Media Department, Pace Gallery, NY, NY.

2017 In conversation with Mark Neville, SVA (moderated discussion in conjunction with release of Fancy Pictures)
2016 Houghton College, Department of Art
SPE 2016 National Conference Panel, An Uncertain Present: A Conversation on Emergent Practices in Contemporary Photography (moderator)
2015 In Conversation with David Campany, SVA (moderated discussion in conjunction with release of a handful of dust)
2012 Visual Studies Workshop 2012 Bookworks Symposium
2011 Imaging on the Verge, Teaching Photography in the 21st Century
(Panel Discussion)
2006 Parsons, Undergraduate Photo Department
2004 Germantown Academy Art Center

2012-present School of Visual Arts, BFA Visual and Critical Studies
2011-present School of Visual Arts, MFA Photo, Video and Related Media
2007-2012 Adjunct Professor, Ramapo College, NJ
2010 Guest Critic, RISD, BFA Photo
2007 Guest Critic, School of Visual Arts, MFA Photo, Video and Related Media
Guest Critic, Parsons, MFA Communication + Design Technology Dept.

2008 New York Photography Festival Award (Fine Art Series)
2004 Paula Rhodes Memorial Prize

2004 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, MFA
1999 Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, BA